Your Liberal Britain Cheadle

Join us at The Micker Brook pub on Councillor Lane for classic pub dinner or their recommended carvery and then help us answer this question:


What do YOU think a Liberal Britain would look like?

Guest speakers put their ideas up for discussion, and everyone can take part in shaping a vision of a future we can deliver.


Your Liberal Britain Event


The Liberal Democrats, as a party, aim to build a truly liberal and social democracy in today’s Britain – we call it Liberal Britain for short.


But what would it actually look like?


Your Liberal Britain invites the whole party to help answer that question. This is your chance to help shape the party’s vision.


So tell us: what would a truly Liberal Britain look like and what improvements would it bring to people’s lives?


A Your Liberal Britain event has three main parts:


1. Arrive, meet people, take advantage of the excellent food that the pub will be selling. We'll begin with three or four speakers pitching their own visions​ for a truly Liberal Britain in speeches of up to five minutes, each followed by five minutes of Q&A - strict timings make all the difference!





Louise Bowe (Wigan) -

talking about engagement with politics and improving diversity in representation








Dave Page (Manchester) -

who'll speak about how we are affected by work/life balance 







Holly Matthias (Manchester) -

who will tell us about the way non-migrants talk about migrants






2. We'll take a break for refreshments, and then everyone is invited to take half an hour in small group discussions about the questions. There are handout sheets to fill in with our own answers.


3. Finally, anyone who wants to is given the chance to read out their answer to the question "For me, Liberal Britain is a country where…", and we take a vote on who made the best presentation.

Every completed answer card will be sent to the Your Liberal Britain Team, and will be read by the Agenda 2020 committee as inspiration for forming a new vision for the party.


You can read more about the Your Liberal Britain project on their website at

  • July 09, 2016 at 7pm – 10pm
  • The Micker Brook
    Councillor Lane
    Cheadle, Greater Manchester SK8 5NU
    United Kingdom
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  • 24 people are going
  • Richard D Flowers


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