#5 A Green Future - Richard at Abney Hall Park

With the announcement that the government is overruling local democracy to force fracking, time to talk about another thing that is important to Liberal Democrats: the future of the planet! Continue reading

#4 On the March - Richard on the London March for Europe

Richard on Park Lane in London at the July 2016 March for Europe.     Continue reading

#3 Education - Richard at Stockport Grammar School

Richard at the place he went to school on why education is a key Liberal value   Continue reading

#2 Europe - Richard at the street stall on Cheadle High St

   Richard at the Cheadle Lib Dems street stall in Cheadle High Street campaigning for Britain to remain IN the EU. Continue reading

#1 The NHS - Richard and Alex at Stepping Hill

  Richard and his husband Alex at the hospital where Alex was born Continue reading