My Values



Freedom, Opportunity and Education


I believe learning delivers the freedom to grasp the opportunities we're offered


I'm a Liberal Democrat because Liberal Democrats deliver on education – pupil premium, free school meals, apprenticeships.


Fairness and the Economy


I believe in people working together to make a better future, and trust them to make best use of the opportunities they have.


I'm a Liberal Democrat because Liberal democrats deliver an economy that works for us all, through fair taxes and vital services – tax back for basic rate taxpayers, higher capital gains tax, no tax cut for dead millionaires, because services should be paid for, by those best able to pay.


A Green Earth and the Future


I believe in the future, and in caring for this planet and delivering it's opportunities to future generations


I'm a Liberal Democrat because Liberal Democrats deliver on the environment – the greenest government ever: clean green energy from renewables, a green investment bank, the green deal – and green technology offers us jobs and opportunities for the next generation.