Let's Talk about Parliament

One more Tory MP won't make a difference. But a Liberal Democrat would. Since 2015 Liberal Voices have been silenced. And our country has been the worse for it. Brexit has seen Britain torn apart and badly in need of healing. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Labour

A Liberal Democrat MP in Cheadle would be a huge voice speaking for our area, making the difference that our silent Tory MP never could. But we have to take on Labour too if we are going to regain the Council and show how delivering our policies mean Lib Dems make people's live better. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about jobs and businesses

With links to Media City and the airport, Stockport should be a thriving hub of new jobs, at the heart of a real Northern Powerhouse. But the economy is drifting, threatened by Brexit uncertainty. And shops like Toys R Us, or M&S are closing or leaving the Merseyway. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about housing

We have a housing crisis that has sent house prices though the roof, and means young people are trapped in generation rent. But Tory-run Cheshire East's plan to build a suburb at Handforth Dean will only make our problems worse. Continue reading

Let's Talk about schools

Schools are really important, and we are lucky to have really great schools here in Cheadle. But they are under threat from a funding formula that is not at all fair. Continue reading