16TH SEPTEMBER: Making Liberal Policy

Working with Lib Dem Immigrants, this year I've been helping shape Party policy on migration. Working with Lib Dems for Seekers of Sanctuary and LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, we met with the policy working group and they made a number of changes that we asked for.But we need to keep fighting back against the illiberal agenda that has made migrants the scapegoats for government failing for many years. Here is my speech in the Immigration debate at Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2018, moving an amendment to the policy, to make sure we can keep pushing back for a more Liberal migration. The amendment was overwhelming supported by conference and is now part of Party policy. Continue reading


The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has gone back on her word – yet again – and once again putting the interests of the Tory Party ahead of the country, called for a General Election to be held on Thursday 8th June, in 51 days’ time. This is another completely opportunistic flip-flop from the Prime Minister, but a general election is exactly the opportunity the country needs to make clear the position on Brexit – and the opportunity for the country to change direction. Continue reading


  The publication of Sir John Chilcot’s Report, all 2.6 million words of it, delivered a series of verdicts that were only less devastating because, by now, seven years after the inquiry began and 13 years after the invasion of Iraq, almost everyone had worked out already what they would be. Continue reading

25TH JUNE: Taking Pride

  I was one of more than 40 LGBT+ Liberal Democrats to march in the 2016 Pride in London Parade, joined by Parliamentary representation from their Lordships Liz Barker and Brian Paddick, along support from London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon and Chair of London Region Chris Maines. Continue reading

24TH JUN: The Referendum and the Outcome

By 6 o’clock this morning, Friday 24th June 2016, it was clear that the British public had voted to leave the European Union.   Britain has chosen a new direction. But we won’t be afraid, even if there is a difficult path ahead, because we trust the people of this country to make it through. And we believe, more than ever, that Britain will need a compassionate liberal voice to help along the way. Continue reading

15th May: Mary Robinson defends Tory Election Spending Scandal

Cheadle's Tory MPs Mary Robinson was on the Sunday Politics North West this week defending the Conservative's declaration of over £20,000 of campaign spending. Continue reading

5th MAY: Labour: Unelected But In Power

Defections mean that The Labour Party have become the largest group on Stockport Council, and so taken charge of running Stockport but not by winning the support of the voters.  Continue reading