My Record



I'm Richard Flowers


I'm Chair of Tower Hamlets Liberal Democrats 2016

I'm Treasurer of LGBT+ Lib Dems










Dedicated Campaigning

I'm chair in Tower Hamlets for 2016, where this year we delivered the only constituency in London to increase our votes and our vote share. We did that by recruiting new faces, drawing in people from across the region and making our campaigning fun. And by knocking on five thousand doors in just six months.


Innovation and team-building

I organised the Lib Dem Bloggers interviews to get ordinary members unique access to the Party's leaders and top rank politicians. Nick Clegg, Vince Cable, Lynne Featherstone and many others, all talked candidly to our teams, answering questions but also involving us and putting the members at the heart of the Party.


Policy making

I speak at conference, write for Lib Dem Voice, develop policy and gather support for motions because I'm keen to see the Liberal Democrats develop distinctive positions, particularly to achieve Freedom from Poverty.

I organise policy discussions because I believe people join a political party to talk politics. I champion the ideal that in Liberal Democrats any member with an idea has the opportunity to make Party policy.


Liberal Democrats can be proud of our history, but it's the future that we're working for